I am planning my wedding and I am hoping my day will go perfectly, but I am worried it will go by so fast I will not remember it.
We are here for you. We will record your special day so you can relax, and enjoy yourself.
What better way to chronicle the special moments than with a video that will last a lifetime!

When will we be able to see our video?
Usually videos are ready within two months for online preview, before we ship the USB hard drive. But could take 4-5 months during the busy seasons.

How do you protect against hard drive failures?
We back up our files on a 2nd drive in the event one does go bad. Also while the videos are being edited they are on a 3rd drive.

I hear files can be lost from failed SD cards, how do you handle this?
It is true even the best SD cards can fail. We take every measure to ensure your videos are backed-up.
Our cameras record to two cards at the same time making a backup on the spot. 
We also use more than one camera to ensure your special day will not be lost even when an SD card is.

Can we pick up music for the wedding trailer?
The licensed music we use is based on the feeling of the wedding.
If there is a music type you love or hate let us know and we will work with the type you love and avoid what you hate.

How do you record audio during the ceremony?
During the ceremony, we put one microphone on the groom, bride (if possible) and one on or near the pastor. We also can connect to the DJ equipment if permitted. We also attach a mic to each person that makes a speech.

What is in drone coverage?
We make drone footage of the venue on the wedding day before the ceremony starts. If there anything else you would like us to capture with a drone, let us know. We are always open to trying something new.

How do you accept payment?
We take cash, check, or credit card through PayPal.

When is the payment due?
Deposit of $500 is due at the time of booking and this will secure your date. Deposit becomes non-refundable if canceled less then 4 month before the wedding date. The rest is due two weeks before the wedding day.

Do you offer photography as well?
No, we don’t do photos.
We want to focus on what we do best, telling your story, and we don’t want to water down your experience by trying to offer both.

Can you work with our photographer?
Yes, We enjoy working with photographers on the wedding day. During the ceremony we use more than one camera.
If a photographer is in front of one camera we have it covered.